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Artwork and writing for publication in the convention booklet are now being accepted. It will be accepted through November 30 and artists/writers will be notified if their material is chosen for publication by December 15th. The chosen artwork or writing will be published in part or in total at no cost to the artist under the following rules below.

1. SCARAB solicits original submissions of artwork, short stories, etc. (hereinafter “intellectual property”) from artists, authors, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as “artist”)for SCARAB’s use in various promotional publications including, but not limited to, the official SCARAB manual, SCARAB’s various websites, etc.

2. The artist agrees by the submission of intellectual property to grant SCARAB, its heirs, and assigns an irrevocable perpetual license to use your intellectual property for promotional use as SCARAB sees fit or deems necessary. SCARAB agrees that the artist shall retain ownership, copyright, and/or trademark of the artwork, and may otherwise use, sale, reproduce said artwork, writing, etc.. SCARAB shall, in exchange, obviously and conspicuously list the name of artist in association with artwork. Artist agrees this obvious and conspicuous listing maybe separate from the intellectual property itself, but SCARAB will endeavor to make such obvious and conspicuous listing as close as feasible in SCARAB’s sole discretion.

3. SCARAB will not otherwise attempt to sell, license, register, trademark, copyright, etc. the artist’s submission without artist’s expressed written permission. Artist understands and agrees that SCARAB may incidentally profit from the use of artist’s intellectual property.

4. The artist must submit to SCARAB an original, signed and notarized statement (FORM) stating the intellectual property is the creation of artist. Otherwise, SCARAB will not use the intellectual property. The artist agrees to indemnify, including attorneys fees and damages, SCARAB in the event a third party of any kind, location or nature asserts a claim of ownership of the intellectual property. SCARAB will also not be responsible and artist waives all liability for SCARAB if a third party attempts to steal, use, plagiarize, copyright, trademark, etc. artist’s intellectual property without artist’s written submission.

5. SCARAB cannot accept submissions which, although the original work of the artist, contains unlicensed or otherwise unauthorized use of a third party’s intellectual property without the third party’s written consent. For example, submissions which contain obvious references to intellectual property such as, but not limited to: Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. require the separate written consent of the respective owners of the intellectual property.

6. SCARAB will not return any intellectual property submitted to it, regardless if it is used or not. The artist is advised not to submit to SCARAB originals or the artist’s only copy of any intellectual property. SCARAB will not be responsible for any intellectual property that is lost, stolen, misplaced, or otherwise destroyed.

7. Artist agrees that should litigation should arise for any reason between Artist and SCARAB, the forum shall be the Lexington Court of Common Pleas, the Lexington County Master-In-Equity, or Lexington County Magistrate’s Court located at 111 Lincreek Dive, Columbia, South Carolina at SCARAB’s sole election. In the event of litigation, Artist agrees SCARAB shall entitled to a reasonable attorneys fee.

8. The terms and conditions herein constitutes the entire agreement between
SCARAB and the Artist. These terms and conditions shall not be modified except by writing confirmed by both parties.
Send all artwork and writing submissions to:
SCARAB Artist Submissions
108 Carlton Ct
Lexington, SC 29073
$89.00 King
$99.00 Double
$109.00 Suite

SCARAB is interested in protecting your privacy.  SCARAB does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information (including email addresses)  to third parties.  Upon request, SCARAB does provide non-identifying demographic information to our sponsors or other interested third parties to assist in their marketing efforts.  We will not be the reason why you get spam email for Canadian drugs or natural male enhancements.