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The Media Track 

Keep checking back with us as we get more and more information about the Anime Track loaded.
All of this, and more!
  • Theater
  • Costuming and Contests
  • Panels and Fandom
  • Ball Joint Dolls
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Video Gaming - Motion Gaming
As we get closer to the convention, we will have more details and information. Keep watching, and we welcome suggestions.


What would the media track be without anime showings? Stop by to find some of your old favorites, or try something new. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer.
  • Rediscover some old favorites
  • Watch something new

Costuming and Contests

  • Show off your costume and win prizes
  • Wig Panels
  • Prop Panels
  • It came from the Closet – Bring in that unfinished costume project and work with our seamstresses for tips, trick and pointers or just get some needed help in bringing it all together with those last touch details.
Costume Contest
Most gamers wear baggy t-shirts and jeans, but not you! When you get into the mood, you like to dress up as your favorite video game star, anime character, super-hero or a character from your favorite TV series, movie or your own amazing, never seen before, creation. 
You are in for a treat: The SCARAB Anime Track is proud to announce the first annual SCARAB Costume Contest. Come dressed to impress our judges! All costume types are welcome, homemade, store bought, fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk or any genre you want. 
Prizes will be awarded based on popular vote and by a panel of judges. 
Costume Panel: Wigs, Props, and Other Stuff
So, you want to be the blonde sailor princess with the magic wand and sparkling shoulder cat.  The only problems are that you aren’t blonde, you don’t have a wand, and Mr. Snuggles doesn’t want you to glue glitter to his fur, and who can blame him?  In this panel, we’ll be discussing the use of wigs, props, and some of those other things that you may need to help bring your entire outfit together.  Please, leave Mr. Snuggles at home.
It Came From the Closet
Long abandoned, and perhaps forgotten, it waits in your close!  No, it’s not some spooky monster, but rather a project or costume you started a long time ago, and had to put it away for whatever reason.  Well, now you can drag it out of the closet and bring it in to this hands-on workshop!  Our knowledgeable staff and volunteers will help you with whatever needs to be done to your project.  Costumes and props are welcome!

Panels and Fandom

  • Discuss your favorite anime or manga
  • Meet other people who share your love for the same anime
  • Karaoke
  • Move Games
Does this costume make my head look too small? The SCARAB Anime Track is hosting several costuming panels. Want to dress big on a small budget; then the "Costuming on a Budget" panel is going to be just the event you want to attend. Have that old outfit that's been lying around unfinished? Bring it to the "Complete It - Workshop" and let the Anime Track volunteers help you get it ready. Other panels will include wigs, props and more!
Costuming on a Budget
Let’s face it:  we can’t all be Guillermo del Toro or Lady Gaga.  Sometimes, we want just the right look, but don’t have the unlimited resources to pull it off.  Hey, those anime box sets or war games are expensive!  This panel will provide some tips and tricks on making your costume on a budget.  Ideas on interesting places to find your materials and well as some alternative costume materials will also be discussed.
Your grandmother always said you had the voice of an angel, and she would never lie to you. Now is your chance to show off your talent by singing the song of your choice, or just come and watch.
Move Games
Show us your best moves. We will have a variety of move games set up for everyone to participate in and enjoy.

Ball Joint Dolls

The SCARAB Anime Track will be hosting panels and workshops on Ball Joint Dolls (BJD). Learn how to work on doll faces, costumes, props, or just come show off your BJD at the photo shoot.  Never heard of a ball joint doll? Stop in and learn about them, you'll be amazed! 
  • Introduction to BJDs
  • Face Up – Tips and demos on creating faces
  • Modifying your BJD
  • Clothing patterns and cloths
  • Swapping
  • Prop making advice
  • Photo Shoot
Ball Joint Dolls - Intro to Ball Joint Dolls / BJD 101
You may have seen them, or heard others talking about them.  They are cute, stunning, and sometimes a little unnerving.  They are Ball Joint Dolls (BJD).  This is an introductory event for anyone interested in learning about them.  We will discuss what ball joint dolls (BJD) are, how they are made, and discuss aspects of their appeal in anime and pop culture.  Interested in picking up the hobby?  Our knowledgeable staff will show some basic modifications that can be done to BJDs, talk about some different companies that make the dolls, and give some tips on breaking in to the hobby via gateway and beginner dolls.
Ball Joint Dolls - Face Up
"Face Up” is a term used to describe the fine art of putting those details onto a BJD’s face that often complete them.  In this workshop, we will share techniques on how to add facial features, and put details into hands, feet, and chest areas.  Blushing (body details) will also be discussed.
Practice techniques on either your own doll, or on paper.  Note: If you bring your own doll to the workshop, you will want to make sure it has been washed.  Use your own doll(s) at your own risk!
Ball Joint Dolls - Modifying Ball Joint Dolls
Sometimes, it’s difficult to get just the right look out of your Ball Joint Doll (BJD), and modifications need to be made.  In this demo, our staff will demonstrate some simple modifications you can do to your own dolls, and show off a few other techniques:  Dye baths to change the color of the entire doll, Suading and wiring methods to help your BJD keeps its pose, piercing ears and other body parts, and adding and subtracting finer details such as fingers, elf ears, scars, tattoos, and so forth.

Ball Joint Dolls - Clothing and Props
The clothing makes the man, as they say, and the same can be said for Ball Joint Dolls (BJD).  The first half of this demo will be a discussion of clothing patterns, dressing your doll, places to find props, and how to make or modify props.  The second half will be a pattern and fabric swap, so bring those old patterns and extra scraps!
Ball Joint Dolls - Photo Booth
Time to show off your Ball Joint Doll (BJD) and get their picture(s) taken.  Bring your camera and BJD, and pose them against a variety of backdrops and a handful of props.  We’d tell them to say cheese, but we’re afraid they may respond back!

Scavenger Hunt

Anime Scarab-Ninjas have hidden items stolen from the Emperor’s palace around the Medallion Center. Find them, and return them to claim a prize!

$89.00 King
$99.00 Double
$109.00 Suite

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