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January 8, 2015
Registration News
Pre-registration is officially closed. Eternal Member guest registration is officially closed. The hotel filled the room block but after meeting with their management yesterday they are opening the last few rooms in the hotel under our rate. When you call just ask for the SCARAB rate - while supplies last. 
Pre-registration will officially reopen for SCARAB 2017 Sunday January 17th.
January 1, 2015
Closing Pre-registration and Eternal Member Guest Registration
Just a reminder that pre-registration and guest registration for Eternal Members will be closing January 8 at 7pm. Registration will be going to the normal rate of $60 for a 4-day badge at that time. However, we are running numerous advertisements throughout the region on news and newspaper media with discounted badge information, so if you miss your chance to pre-register keep an eye out for SCARAB in the news!
December 1, 2015
Tier I GM Slots Closed
We have completely fill all of our Tier I GM slots. But we are still taking submissions for Tier II-V slots. We have GMs coming from all over the US to bring their favorite games to you.
November 1, 2015
Warhammer 40K Tournament
The Warhammer40Ktournament goes back to the two day format again this year. Also added to the schedule is Flames of War Tournament and X-Wing Tournament.
Oct 1, 2015
Masters Tournament Back Again
Come test your mettle at the Warmahordes Masters Tournament. We have an officially sanctioned Master's Tourney again this year. 
July 20, 2015
SCARAB GenCon Caravan ***UPDATE***
The caravan will be leaving Columbia, SC on Tuesday evening between 7-8pm and stopping in Asheville a few hours later. We expect to arrive in Indianapolis and stop for a good breakfast Wednesday morning. Then depart Indy on Monday August 3 in the morning, arriving back in Asheville, NC around 7pm then back to Columbia, SC around 10pm.
June 15, 2015
SCARAB GenCon Caravan
We are booking seats in the SCARABVan Caravan for GenCon Indy 2015. We still have a few seats available. If you are interested drop us a line and let us know. We leave Columbia, SC on Wednesday July 29th  stop in Asheville, NC that evening to pick up people and arrive in Indy Thursday Morning. Then depart Indy on Monday August 3 in the morning, arriving back in Asheville, NC around 7pm then back to Columbia, SC around 10pm.
June 2, 2015
SCARAB Game Day @ Firefly Games in Columbia, SC
Come on out and join us for a day of gaming at Firefly in Columbia, SC. Get there early and get from free stuff while supplies last. 
May 2, 2015
Come join SCARAB at ConCarolinas in Concord, NC; May 29-31, 2015 for three days of gaming goodness! No George Martin this year so the crowd should be much lighter than year. Come help us break-in this new venue. We have a massive amount of space for gaming this year in a cool new location!
April 22, 2015
SCORPION is here!
SCORPION News: If you have been down because the cost of kids is the same as adults we have some news for you. This week and this week only - Kids 12 and under get in free with a paid adult. This special ends this Saturday 4/25/15 at 5pm.
What is it? Its not a convention its a camp so you have to alter your thought process the schedule is waaaaaay more fluid. If we finish a game and people want to go swim then then can take a break or if they want to play all night they can etc ... think of a gamer family reunion. We are gaming but we have a fishing tournament, archery demonstrations, and a trip to a drive-in to see Avengers.

This is something that is for gamers to relax and recharge their batteries more than a hardcore, go, go, go type of event, like a convention.

We are going to be gaming by a bonfire Saturday evening playing Paizo's "We Be Goblins".

You don't have to worry about bringing a bunch of money or damaging your bank account to game all weekend. The food is taken care of, the fun is taken care of, there are NO dealers so no big cash expectations for buying 'stuff'. The only souvenir is the t-shirt that you can buy online here: SHIRTS
April 3, 2015
Spring Into Gaming
Spring is here! Join the SCARAB Swarm for SCORPION Gamer Camp at the YMCA in Lexington, SC. Tons of fun to be had by all and all for charity. 
24-hour gaming. Board games, PFS, PACG, D&D 5th Ed Adventurer's Guild, LARPing and much, much more!
January 23, 2015
Announcing the SCARAB 2016WarmaHordes Masters Tournament! On the field of battle, are you the Master of all you see? Prove it! The gold-standard in convention competitive play has arrived at SCARAB 5 with the first-ever SCARAB MASTERS. In this official Masters event, you will do battle to prove that you are a true Master of your chosen faction and the game of WARMACHINE & HORDES.
January 22, 2015
Year Five And Beyond
We are thrilled to move into our sixth year. Attendance at year five was beyond anything we could have predicted and we are so very grateful for all of those GMs, dealers, coordinators, sponsors, volunteers, players, retailers, game companies and other conventions that support us. Thank you all so very much!

December 19, 2014
Magic Tournament
SCARAB Gaming Convention and White Widow Games and Comics are proud to present four different Magic: The Gathering events, including a $1000 Cash Prize* Standard format event on Sunday! We will also be holding 2 free 12-person drafts, and one Fate Reforged Pre Release throughout the Weekend.

For more info, contact Anthony Hannon at White Widow Games and Comics @ 843-503-0727!

*Minimum 30 players participation for full cash prize, otherwise it will be a portion of the whole"
December 7, 2014
SCARAB Apparel by Ofairel
We have a new t-shirt partner for 2015. Get your official SCARAB apparel at Ofairel. If you pre-order your t-shirt you can get a 15% discount. 
November 25, 2014
SCARAB 2015 WarmaHordes Masters Tournament Announced!
On the field of battle, are you the Master of all you see? Prove it! The gold-standard in convention competitive play has arrived at SCARAB 5 with the first-ever SCARAB MASTERS. In this official Masters event, you will do battle to prove that you are a true Master of your chosen faction and the game of WARMACHINE & HORDES.


November 19, 2014
SCARAB Charity News 
We are thrilled to announce that we are finally able to launch our three day charity event in 2015. Stay tuned for more news as it develops. Less than 60 days to SCARAB 2015. The schedule is posted on the Warhorn site. If you have your badge and have registered on Warhorn to reserve your seats do so now. The link to Warhorn is above. 
October 17, 2014
Play Games, Heal Kids
Our team is on a mission to save kids through gaming, and we need your help. 
October 16, 2014
The Fall Heats Up!
Come on out and have some fun! We are going to have a game day this weekend at Firefly Games and Toys. Then DC, VC of SC will be in Asheville, NC helping out with ScareFest on the 25th. SCARAB charity event at Firefly on the 1st of November. KingCon November 8th-9th and AtomaCon November 14-16th. Which puts us only two months away from SCARAB 2015!
October 15, 2014
Dice Promo Winner - Keeping it all in the family!
Congratulations to David Callahan, winner of the October Dice Promo with this awesome winning picture! Celebrating all the new GMs that our SCARAB family brought into the world in the past few months: Olivia, Braham and EJ!
Also, congratulations to Kevin Armstrong who had the closest guess to the Dice Trivia Question. Enjoy your prizes guys!
September 16, 2014
Dice Promo Winner
Congratulations Alicia Callahan, the winner of the September Dice Promo with this awesome winning picture! The contest was so much fun we are doing it again - picture submission begins Sept 25-Oct 1 and voting will be tallied on the 15th of Oct! Get your cameras ready and good luck. As an added incentive the winner of the photo contest will also receive a special edition SCARAB 2015 30mm die!
August 26, 2014
Dice Promo
We are running a special promotion for our Facebook Friends. Learn how you can get a full set of fifteen 16mm SCARAB dice from year one to year five on our Facebook page. Check out some of the new dice prototypes we are looking at including our Sczarni remembrance die.
July 18, 2014
GenCon Indy Gets Swarmed
Once more the SCARAB Swarm descends upon GenCon Indy in August and we have ordered a 1000 special SCARAB/GenCon dice to give away again this year! Want one of these ubber cool 2014 or 2015 SCARAB dice, just find a SCARAB Swarm member and ask them for one. Supplies limited so get one while you can. We will have some 2015 special edition dice with us, be the coolest kid on the block and get yours before your friends get theirs!
May 1, 2014
XCON, Game-O-Rama and ConCarolinas! OH MY!
We kick off another great summer with a great May line-up of events to begin with XCON World in Myrtle Beach, SC, then over to Game-O-Rama in Atlanta, GA and finally with ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC. Three events - three states - in three weeks. Sounds like a great trifecta!
April 1, 2014
Let's Slip the Gnomes of War!
Come see the SCARAB Swarm at GnomeCon April 11-13, 2014 for some great gaming goodness. We will be bringing a bunch of PFS to Savannah, GA. This gaming track just gets bigger and better again this year. We've got a bunch of prizes and some great boons to give away some come on out and get your game on!
March 28, 2014
Cool and Unique Prizes? SCARAB Has Them!
Check out these cool and unique prizes and gifts we have available for our players and GMs!
March 27, 2014
Kicking into Spring Schedule 
SCARAB is working with a few sponsors to bring some great Kickstarter demo products to the events we are traveling to this spring. Look for us at an event near you. The spring schedule is huge and we are hoping to add even more to it in the shape of a few gaming days at some retailers around the state. Keep an eye on our Facebook pages and our calendar to stay up to date on the events we are heading to in the next few months. 
March 3, 2014
ConCarolinas Schedule Loaded
You can check out the awesome schedule for ConCarolinas Gaming Track here:
February 26, 2014
ConNooga was fun and next on our schedule is GnomeCon in Savannah, GA in April. Come on out and have some fun. Always worth the trip to hit Sweet Potatoes for some banana pudding and get in some games with the great folks in Savannah, GA. 
February 12, 2014
ConNooga or Bust!
SCARAB Swarm will be at ConNooga yet again this year. This year VC DC of SC is coordinating the PFS at ConNooga and bringing 80 tables of PFS to this fun event! Come on out and have some fun!
February 9, 2014
Calendar Update
The SCARAB calendar of events is up to date. If you happen to be Jonesing for some gaming come on out to one of these great events and have some fun with the Swarm. Notice we still have a few dates open so if you know of a convention or retailer that is having an event and you think SCARAB would be a good fit. Pass on our info and we'll see if we can make the event. 
January 23, 2014
Countdown to SCARAB 5 Begins
SCARAB 4 has come and gone and there are a large number of people that deserve our heartfelt thanks. So "Thank You" to all those who help make this a great event. It is truly humbling to have such tremendous growth year after year. We are well ahead of our goals as we head into the new year. We look forward to the next one and hope to see everyone on the road as we travel to the numerous conventions and retailers over the year. 
January 3, 2014
Pre-Registration Closed - Registration Open
We have closed pre-registration including Eternal Member Rewards until after the convention. After the convention we will open them both back up to start the process all over again for the 2015 convention! We have had hundreds of people ask if they are in the top 100 because they want one of those 100 awesome concierge bags! If you want to be in the top 100 you are most likely going to have to get registered for 2015 before June of 2015. However, this year we have lots of goodies to stuff into bags all the way through the first 700 will at least get something.
January 1, 2014
Pre-Registration Ending Friday 
Pre-registration will be closing on January 3rd, 2014 at 7PM. At which time we will also suspend the Eternal Members ability to register non-Eternal Members until after the convention. If you want to register for $50 or better yet for $40 through an Eternal Member you need to get it done by the 3rd. Eternal Members will still be able to register at the Eternal Member rate after the 3rd, they just will not be able to register anyone else in the Eternal Rewards Program until after the convention, when it all begins again for 2015!!!
December 16, 2013
Overflow Hotel Now Open
The primary SCARAB hotel is now full, not only is our 70 room block full but the HEI has allowed us to fill beyond that number as far as they are willing and have asked that we now open the overflow hotel. 
The overflow hotel is our old reliable hotel across the street from the new convention center. The Days Inn and Suites at Fort Jackson (7300 Garners Ferry Rd, I-77 & US 378, Exit #9, Columbia, SC 29209) has agreed to a $68.00 room rate for ANY room type while supplies last. However, lots of people have already figured out that the Days Inn was our overflow and have booked an enormous number of rooms out of that block. There are only a few Kings left but there are plenty of doubles and even suites and the Days Inn will let any of them go for $68/night!
You can reserve your room by calling 1-803-783-5500 and asking for the SCARAB rate. You can also guarantee your room online at their website for $59/night but this is a non-refundable guaranteed booking. So if aren't certain you can attend do NOT use this method to book your room. 
The Days Inn includes all the amenities you are used to from past years including a hot country breakfast buffet with your room. 
December 12, 2013
Warmachine Tournament Info
SCARAB has acquired some awesome prizes for this tournament this year and we are looking to make some big plans around this for 2015. For those coming from SoA on Sunday to participate in this tournament we have a special offer for you and anyone else coming from SoA. Bring your SoA badge and you can get into SCARAB Sunday - Monday for $20 at the door. You must have your SoA badge. Don't forget it, leave it behind or throw it away - bring it with you. 
Next year's tournament will hopefully be a two day event with even more prizes than this year!
December 1, 2013
Extra-Life Total!

$1055. Thanks to everyone who made donations and to all those who registered in the month of November. Play Games - Heal Kids!!!

November 30, 2013
SCARAB 2014 Right Around The Corner
Less than two months to go to SCARAB 2014. We have tons of games on the schedule and are loading more every day. There are tons of tournaments, open board gaming, Pathfinder Society and lots and lots of other games. We have a bunch of companies coming to demo new and old favorites. Stay on top of all the daily news on our facebook pages. 
November 4, 2013
Very Special Registration Special
As usual SCARAB is having a November registration special but this year not only is there a lower rate of $40 for a 4-day badge for SCARAB 2014 during the month of November but furthermore SCARAB will donate $5 of each of these registrations received in the month of November to Extra Life - the Children's Miracle Network!
This special will run until November 30th 2013 at 7pm. After which time you will still be able to register for $40 via any Eternal Member! 
November 3, 2013
Top 3% and Still Taking Donations
The Extra Life charity event was a smashing success! We are currently in the top 3% of fundraisers worldwide. We want to give a huge thank you to all of those who helped with the event and to those who donated to this worthy charity cause. We are still taking donations and will continue to do so through the end of December. If you would like to donate please click the Extra Life Image below and it will take you to our page for your donation. You may donate any amount and may donate anonymously if you desire.  
October 24, 2013
Extra Life Event
Come on out and support this great event benefiting the Children's Miracle Health Network of hospitals. Donate as little or as much as you can, everything helps and will be most appreciated. Those who donate $20 will get double prize draws at this event. 
October 17, 2013
LARP Track Announced
The wait is over, and here is the big news! SCARAB, in association with Mind’s Eye Society (MES) groups from across the entire Southeast, is proud to announce the inclusion of Live-Action Role-Playing Games (LARPs) as an expansion of our gaming track! Jason Arons of the Savannah MES Domain will be running Mage the Awakening. Seth Adams from the Charleston MES Domain will be running Combined: The Accord. Mike (“Doc”) Lone of the Spartanburg MES domain will be running Werewolf the Apocalypse as well as a demo of a Pathfinder-based LARP. Cody Wagar from the Greenville MES Domain will be running a troupe game of Vampire: The Dark Ages LARP.

In addition to those awesome LARPs, the MES groups will be running a series of 4 panels during the convention with the help of the Destria LARP group: How to Host a Moot, How to Start an MES Chapter, MES Combat Demonstration, and LARP Costuming.
October 10, 2013
Anime Track Schedule Loading
We are busy getting the Anime Track schedule loaded into the SCARAB Warhorn Site.
October 7, 2013
Pathfinder Society Schedule Loaded 
180 tables of Pathfinder Society organized play have been loaded to the SCARAB Warhorn Site. 
September 16, 2013
October Game Day
Loading the schedule this week for the October Game Day. If you would like to GM please contact us. If you want to play, reserve your spot today on our new Warhorn site
September 12, 2013
Anime Track Updates
We at SCARAB are thrilled to launch the SCARAB Anime Track a full two years earlier than originally planned and that is all because of you. We are hoping to put together a track of events that will please anime fans of all ages and levels of interest. Please check back frequently for more information about this great new track of events. Go here for more info.
September 5, 2013
Let The Game's Days Begin!
There is a great lineup of gaming September 14 at Firefly Toys and Games in Lexington, SC. Come on out and help celebrate the anniversary of this family friendly gaming store. Come on out and have some fun!!!Old Game Day Link
September 4, 2013
Fond Farewell And Warm Welcome
It is with a sad heart and the best of wishes that we say a fond farewell to the Venture Captain of the Asheville, NC Pathfinder Lodge, Paul Trani, as he travels to Dunedin, New Zealand for his career. On the same note we extend a very heartfelt and warm welcome to two new Venture Captains in North Carolina: James Becker, VC of Asheville and his now official VL Dain  Neilsen, both you will recognize from SCARAB events; as well as a brand new shiny VC in Charlotte, NC Andrew Riebe. Please extend your best wishes to Paul and congratulations to James, Dain and Andrew. We hope to see them all at SCARAB 2014!
August 22, 2013
Fall Into Gaming
Summer break is officially over, school has started and SCARAB is right around the corner so it is time to prepare for Fall gaming. Come join the SCARAB Swarm for a series of games days at Firefly Toys and Games in Lexington, SC. We will be hosting one each month from Sept-Nov.Firefly Anniversary Sept 14 - SC VC DC Anniversary Oct 12 - and the Children's Miracle Network Nov 2. Also, get ready for the busiest November, convention and gaming season in years. KingCon in Warner Robins, AtomaCon in Charleston and MACE in Charlotte.
Come on out and have some fun!!!
August 19, 2013
Gen Con Post Convention News and Chatter
This year's Gen Con was amazing. SCARAB has a dozen new sponsors and lots of gaming industry news, we demoed a bunch of brand new games and even managed to grab some copies for the library and the prize table. For more information stay in touch via our Facebook site and group pages. 
August 2, 2013
Gen Con Indy Caravan Ready
SCARAB has chartered two fifteen-person vans to take the SCARAB Swarm to Gen Con Indy. If you find a SCARAB Swarm member there, ask for a brand new, shiny, 2014 Gen Con - SCARAB d6. That's right, catch one of the Swarm wandering around* get a Gen Con - SCARAB d6. While supplies last!
Want to travel and become one with the Swarm? Ask us how you can become a volunteer and get in on all the coolness that comes with being in the Swarm. 
*(please do NOT interrupt a game in progress - you will be ignored or asked to leave)
July 22, 2013
Anime, Anime, Anime!!!
The Anime Track for SCARAB 2014 is going to be tons of fun. SCARAB is thrilled to have a number of guests helping to make our plans to add Anime in year six come to fruition a full two years ahead of schedule. Look for an expanded Widow's Track as well as the always amazing Kid's Track!
July 20, 2013
SCARAB Swarm set to invade Gen Con
The SCARAB Swarm is all set to invade Gen Con and are super excited to be working with a number of sponsors again this year to help bring their great games to South Carolina after Gen Con. 
July 19, 2013
MonsterCon Relocates
MonsterCon has relocated. For more information see their website
July 15, 2013
Fall Planning
SCARAB is planning on running several game days in the fall to close out the year. If you are a retailer and are interested in hosting a SCARAB Game Day please contact us as soon as possible are we are booking now!
July 15, 2013
Halfway Point
Halfway into the summer; StormCon was a fun event; looking forward to next year. Next on the schedule is MonsterCon to end the month of July. Then SCARAB will move into the final month of summer with a caravan to Gen Con Indy.
June 24, 2013
Rememberance Dice 
How do you get one of these awesome Lantern Lodge or Shadow Lodge remembrance dice? Come to SCARAB in January 2014 and show us either or both of your chronicles 421 or 423 dated prior to August 14th and we'll give you one or both while supplies last. What if you ran both and played both before August 14th; then you may have a pair of one or both, while supplies last. 

June 20, 2013
StormCon and MonsterCon
FreeRPG day came and went and hopefully you were able to take advantage of the day and get some cool gaming goodies from your favorite retailer.Whether you did or not, come on out to StormCon and MonsterCon and visit the SCARAB Swarm. 
June 4, 2013
Summer Has Arrived! 
You know what that means? FreeRPG Day, and two new conventions in South Carolina (Storm-Con in Summerville and MonsterCon in Greenville) as well as the annual SCARAB road-trip to Gen Con Indy. On FreeRPG day look for members of the Scarab Swarm at a retailer near you; we will be out all over the state running games at various locations and are still taking requests. If you are a retailer and want to celebrate the day with some great gaming drop us a line. We are happy to attend your event.
May 30, 2013
ConCarolinas & SCARAB - What a Great Combination!
The SCARAB Swarm will be out in force this weekend in Charlotte, NC at ConCarolinas. We are very excited to be running the gaming at this great venue and hope this is a sign of great things to come.  
May 16, 2013
XCON Weekend
XCON is this weekend and we are excited to be bringing the Swarm to Myrtle Beach once again. This is a high energy event with lots of outside (the convention) events all weekend. Come on out and have some fun.
April 26, 2013
Summer Schedule Set!
We have an amazing summer schedule coming up once we get past the last of the spring events! We will kick off the summer right with ConCarolinas. We are super psyched about the ConCarolinas schedule we have built and so far we have over 200 scheduled tables and still a month to go.We will end the summer with Gen Con Indy and are very excited to be working for several sponsors at Gen Con. 
March 26, 2013
Full Schedule Loaded and ConCarolinas News
The Warhorn sites are loaded with all the Swarms gaming for the next Augusta Book Exchange, GnomeCon, GeekOUT, XCON and now for something completely different, ConCarolinas! SCARAB is pleased to announce that we are coordinating the gaming track for ConCarolinas 2013 and we are bringing our amazing board game library, a huge track of PFS and tons of other games from our great sponsors. Come on out and have some fun.
March 6, 2013
ConNooga, GnomeCon, Xcon but first Augusta Book Exchange 
We just got back from ConNooga and now we will be heading to both GnomeCon (April 19-21) and XCon (May 17-19) but first we have to get through a busy March. You can find the SCARAB Swarm in Augusta, GA at Augusta Book Exchange March 9, then look for our great Irruegulars at Pro+=Con in Charleston March 16-17 and then at the USC Tabletop Day March 30th.
February 18, 2013
South Carolina Anime Roleplaying and Boardgaming has a nice ring to it.     
We are adding an anime track to the convention. We are hoping to have a multitude of great anime oriented events as well as screenings of various shows, cosplay and a costume workshop to name a few parts of what we hope to become another fun part of SCARAB.  
January 22, 2013
SCARAB #4 Dates and Venue  
SCARAB #4 will be at the Columbia, Medallion Convention Center, Martin Luther King weekend 2014, using the Holiday Inn Express for rooms. It will be a four day convention, beginning Friday, Jan 17th, ending, Monday Jan 20th, 2014. All the information will be getting posted to the SCARAB website, forums and Facebook pages. Online registration will open soon, as will the hotel room block. Please give SCARAB your feedback. SCARAB wants to hear from you - what worked, will be left alone, what didn't will be improved or gotten rid of all together. Go to the forums and Facebook and let us hear from you.
January 5, 2013
Tournament News 
Attention miniature gamers! The Players' Packs for Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 are now available.  Please review the Tournament page to grab these documents to help prepare for your games. The Players' Packs contain the details for submitting your lists, along with descriptions of the rounds, and any special rules for the games. Please submit your army lists by January 16th for Warhammer and Flames of War.  Army lists for Warhammer 40K do not need to be submitted early. If anyone has any questions please let us know.  Thanks!  
January 4, 2013
Preregistration Closes 
Preregistration is now closed.  
December 31, 2012
Tournament News 
Looks like we may be adding a Slapshot tournament to our tournament lineup for 2013. We are working with this great sponsor Columbia Games now to see if we can get it to materialize in the last minute. We are very excited to be able to add this fast pace, riotously fun event to our tournament selection, we feel with that the nature of the tournament style fits well with our other tournaments like I Drank What, Yikerz, Dungeon Twister, etc. Most likely we will not be able to come up with full rules to break this out of our boardgame tournament for year one but we are working with the sponsor on it. Cross your fingers! 
December 18, 2012
Games Days Huge Turnouts 
The response to our Firefly games days was so positive and the turnout was massive, bigger than some conventions we have attended, that we have decided to continue doing them! We are hoping to bring them to a different retailer within the region every quarter. For the months of February, March and April we will be running the games days at Augusta Book Exchange in Augusta, GA. For dates you can check our Calendar and keep up with us on Facebook. If are or you know of a retailer that would like to host one or more SCARAB Gaming Days please contact us through our Contact page or via Facebook.
November 30, 2012
Preregistration Announcement and New Special Feature Announcement
If you did not take advantage of the June Special or the November Special you will want to mark your calendars for this important announcement.
Preregistration will be closing January 4th 2013. 
And now for something completely different ...
We call it "First One's Free!" So you cannot get off of work to come to all four days of SCARAB Gaming Convention 2013 or even one day for that matter, or you just cannot afford it, or something else is keeping you from one of the four days of fun. We have a new feature of SCARAB Gaming Convention. The first two hour session is on us. Let's say, you have just enough time before or after work to stop by and play a board game. Then come on by and have some fun! You can play any single two hour or shorter gaming session once during the weekend for free.*You cannot qualify for any awards, prizes or give-a-ways. 
Remember that the Dealers Room a.k.a. Market Bazaar is completely open to the public and do not forget about the Swap and Shop on Monday!
There is a ton of stuff open to the general public at no cost:
  • Two hours of board gaming
  • Market Bazaar and the
  • Swap and Shop!
How many conventions offer that much stuff to the public?
November 29, 2012
Pathfinder Society: Race for the Runecarved Key
One of these will look great on a SCARAB Lanyard!
November 5, 2012
Final Registration Special of the Year
Its finally here, the highly anticipated final registration special of the year. It will only last a few weeks and then it will be gone. If you want to attend SCARAB 2013 for $40 and you are not an Eternal Member then this is your last chance to get in at a great rate!
November Registration Special - $40
This offer is good for a limited time only - it will expire on  November 30, 2012!
October 22, 2012
SCARAB Fall Game Days
Our first Fall Game Day kicked off this past Saturday at Firefly and we had a great turn out. Over 50 people showed up and played Pathfinder Society with us as well as a few board games. Thanks to everyone who could make it out and make this a great event. Our next Fall Game Day will be at Firefly Toys and Games.
Firefly is located at:
5060 Sunset Boulevard
Lexington, SC 29072
Phone:(803) 996-3473 
November 17, 2012 and you can register on our SCARAB Game Days Warhorn site HERE  
October 8, 2012
Southern Overlord Circuit 2013 Warhammer Fantasy
Southern Overlord Circuit 2013 for Warhammer Fantasy starts at SCARAB in 2013. Southern Overlord Circuit will be four tournaments that take place one each quarter.  The coordinators are working to keep costs affordable and have good attendance for all four events.  There's a special prize for the player that makes the most points across all four tournaments.  Early reports are that all of them will be two-day five-round tournaments.
September 26, 2012
Thanks Sponsors!
If you have been checking we have added a number of new sponsors to our Sponsors page. Our sponsors are the best in the gaming industry! They never cease to amaze with their great contributions to SCARAB. We are very humbled and appreciate all the support our sponsors provide us. 
September 12, 2012
Fall hits big!
We are going to be running some big FREE games days at our fantastic sponsor Firefly Games in Lexington, SC. There will be board games, role-playing games and tons of other great gaming. Check the calendar for dates and times and come on out and have some fun.
Speaking of role-playing games, check out what someone commissioned us to do with the SCARAB Pathfinder Campaign Coins. 
I know, right!? Super cool! The SCARAB Campaign Coins are completely FREE, we do not charge for them you can get one by playing in a SCARAB hosted PFS event or by presenting your completed set of campaign chronicles to a SCARAB member at a SCARAB hosted PFS event. The charming service and lanyard are those located here. We can turn just about anything into a charm for the cool SCARAB lanyard for $5. 
August 27, 2012
Sizzling Summer
It has been the most amazing summer! SCARAB is ready to dive right into the fall season. Preparations are well under way for MACE in its new location in Charlotte, NC; we are bringing a great line-up of games to this event. The schedule for SCARAB Gaming Convention will be posted in October and we will begin loading it up with all the gaming goodness we can find - starting with a whopping 120 sessions of Pathfinder Society.  Just in case you were wondering, we took the third load of prizes to our super-secret SCARAB warehouse and it looked like this:
August 14, 2012
GenCon or Bust!
To all those traveling this weekend to GenCon please have a safe and fun trip. Look for SCARAB at the Mayfair booth #431 come say howdy to Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura in the groundbreaking sci-fi series Star Trek and the six feature films that followed) and play some Star Trek: Catan with the SCARAB Swarm. You can find Del Collins (Pathfinder Society Venture Captain for South Carolina) at the Pathfinder Society game room running both rounds of the Paizo PFS Tournament Special - Race for the Runecarved Key!
August 9, 2012
Barnes and Noble then GenCon
You can find the SCARAB Swarm this weekend at Barnes and Noble in Forest Acres and the Fine Arts Center has very graciously offered more space to game. That is an awesome gesture and we are very thankful for their support of the gaming community. Next week the Swarm is carpooling to GenCon Indy to deliver gaming with a warm South Carolina smile and we expect to entertain hundreds of people with our sponsors' great games.  Come on out and have some fun!
July 27, 2012
First 100 Registrations For SCARAB 2013
We are coming to a close for the first 100 registrations for 2013. So far we are loading the first 100 concierge bags with right at $100 worth of the coolest merchandise we can get our hands on from our awesome sponsors! We are going to keep packing into those first 100 bags as much good stuff as we can. Last year they were so heavy some of them burst open as we were loading them! If you are not in the first 100 registrations for SCARAB Gaming Convention #3 in January of 2013 you will want to register soon as there are only a few spots left in that group. 
July 18, 2012
Pathfinder Society News
There will be over one hundred tables of Pathfinder Society at SCARAB Gaming Convention 2013. Look for the Pathfinder Society schedule to be posted in October along with the schedules of many other games and tournaments. We have already received thousands of dollars in merchandise to give away as prizes for Pathfinder players and hope to get a few thousand dollars more! Come on out and have some fun!
July 12, 2012
Up Next, GenCon!
Its that time of year again. Time for the big one! GenCon Indy is almost here. This year SCARAB is carpooling up with our largest caravan yet to celebrate forty five years of "The best four days in gaming." We are working for several different sponsors at their booths or running games at the tables for them. Come on out and have some fun with the SCARAB Swarm!
July 5, 2012
Storm Coming
The gang that runs Gathering in the Park announced this past weekend that there is a new convention coming to South Carolina. Storm-Con will be making landfall next July 2013 in Summerville, SC. Although there will be no further Gathering in the Park events the gang with Storm-Con will be hosting a few retailer events in the low country throughout the year. All are welcome to attend these events!
June 27, 2012
That's Right! Were Baaaack! At Barnes and Noble that is!
For those who have been calling, e-mailing and Facebooking us about getting back to Barnes and Noble you have gotten your request! Thanks for supporting this fun event, we had no idea that people enjoyed them so much but the store has received numerous calls and requests to continue these events and so ... You will find the SCARAB SWARM at Barnes and Noble in Forest Acres July 14th and August 11th from Noon-6pm. Come on out and have some fun!
June 19, 2012
More Summer Fun!
Didn't get enough gaming last weekend? You can hang out with the SCARAB Swarm this weekend at Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, SC. We will have a bunch of board games and in case you didn't get to play all the cool RPG scenarios in last weekend's FreeRPG Day events (Huge shout-out to Impressions for continuing to run FreeRPG Day and we hope there are many more to come!) we are happy to run as many of them as time permits! Come on out and have some fun!
For those who have been asking about Barnes and Noble we have some good news coming soon!
June 16, 2012
Games, Games and More Games! 
Come on out today and play some games with SCARAB at one of these great locations. Planet Comics in Anderson, SC or Borderlands Comics and Games in Greenville, SC or Firefly Toys and Games in Lexington, SC and Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, SC.
June 4, 2012
Summer Kick Off
We are kicking off the summer with a huge special discount.
May 31, 2012
Origins and ConCarolinas 
Look for us in two different states this weekend. We have tons of prizes to give away so come on out and get your game on! 
May 15, 2012 
XCON World V
Want to have an outrageous amount of fun. Gaming, wrestling, CosPlay, movie stars, boffer weapons, and more await at XCON World V in Myrtle Beach, SC. 
May 11, 2012
GeekOut 2012 - Asheville, NC here comes the Swarm!
Want to get your game on this weekend! Come on out to GeekOut 2012 in Asheville, NC and meet the SCARAB Swarm, play some games and have a great time at this free event. That's correct - FREE! One day of fun and it's FREE. Cannot make it to Asheville this weekend, no problem; come see us at XCON World next weekend (May 18-20, 2012) for 3 days of fun in wonderful Myrtle Beach, SC. Can't make it to Myrtle Beach that weekend? No worries, you can catch the Swarm in Charlotte, NC two weeks later (June 1-3, 2012) for ConCarolinas or Planet Comics in Anderson, SC or Borderlands Comics and Games in Greenville, SC or Firefly Toys and Games in Lexington, SC and Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, SC where SCARAB will be celebrating FreeRPG day two weeks after that (June 16, 2012)! MAN WE ARE GOING TO BE BUSY!
April 16, 2012
Firefly was Awesome! Next, Savannah or BUST!
We had about fifty attend the Firefly event this past weekend from as far away as Virginia! We are going to have the Swarm next at GnomeCon in Savannah, GA this weekend. Come on out and get your game on!
April 3, 2012
Planning to attend an event near you! 
Firefly games day, GnomeCon, XCON, ConCarolinas and Origins are how we have decided to kick off our summer of events. Then we will have a ton of retailer events over the summer culminating in GenCon and DragonCon! Can't find us at an event near you. Drop us an note and let us know about it and we will try to come on out and bring the Swarm!
March 19, 2012
Dates set for FREE RPG DAY!!!    
On June 16th go to your freindly neighborhood retailer and get some great FREE RPG Day stuff from tons of different game companies. If you want to get in some great role-playing come to Planet Comics in Anderson, SC to spend the day with the SCARAB Swarm. To see other locations we are going to be at check our calendar and stay in touch with more ongoing events on our facebook page! 
March 5, 2012 
GnomeCon and Pro+-Con 
You'll find SCARAB next in Charleston, SC at Pro+-Con for a day of gaming fun followed by GnomeCon in Savannah, GA for a weekend of fun.  
February 29, 2012
You can find the Swarm this weekend in High Point, NC at StellarCon. Come on out and have some fun! By the way - the new dice are in! We will have some with us this weekend, be the first kid on your block to get yours!
January 27, 2012
Back on the Road! 
After a few weeks to recover we are once again busily planning the SCARAB Swarm road trips for 2012. We currently have eight (8) conventions on the calendar and are looking at invitations from six (6) more to have the SCARAB Swarm pay them a visit. We are looking at several retailer invitations as well and are going to be calling retailers over the next few weeks to get all the events on the calendar as early as possible. So gamers, begin planning your attendance now. If you are a retailer, convention or sponsor and you are interested in having the SCARAB Swarm onsite for an event please contact us and we will do our best to help you with all your gaming needs!
January 17, 2012
SCARAB #3 Dates and Venue  
SCARAB #3 will be at the Columbia, Scottish Rite Convention Center, Martin Luther King weekend 2013, using the same great Days Inn and Suites for rooms. It will be a four day convention, beginning Friday, Jan 18th, ending, Monday Jan 21th, 2012. All the information will be getting posted to the SCARAB website, forums and Facebook pages. Online registration will open soon, as will the hotel room block. Please give SCARAB your feedback. SCARAB wants to hear from you - what worked, will be left alone, what didn't will be improved or gotten rid of all together. Go to the forums and Facebook and let us hear from you.
January 12, 2012
Tomorrow we game! Four days of fun begins tomorrow at 3pm. SCARAB Gaming Convention has role-playing games, table top games, pen and paper games, miniature games, board games, collectible card games, a huge kids track, market bazaar (a.k.a. dealer's room) that is open to the public, swap meet that is open to the public, tournaments, demos, prizes and tons of fun. Come on out, get your game on, make new friends, play some of the newest games in the gaming world or some old favorites.
December 28, 2011
Online Game Registration! 
We are trying to go paperless this year on the game registrations and save some trees. You can sign up to be a player or run/judge games at We will have several computers at SCARAB that you will be able to schedule and check your schedule and you will be able to register for games using your smartphone, laptop, tablet, iPAD or whatever internet capable wireless device you have while at the convention.  
December 19, 2011
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
We want to make a huge shout-out to all of our awesome sponsors for Year #1 as it comes to a close. They are a huge part of why we are able to bring so many great games with us as we travel. This year the SCARAB Swarm brought over 6000 hours of gaming to retailers and conventions. We had over 3000 people sit down and play games with us this past year and put a few thousand miles on our vehicles driving all over the country bringing gaming to great people. We made a bunch of new friends and had some great times! We hope to continue this trend for years to come and hope that everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! We'll see you in a couple of weeks at the convention.
December 15, 2011
Lull Before the Storm
The Swarm will be off for the next few weeks as we go into full swing SCARAB-mode to prepare for the convention. However, you will find some of the Swarm out and about getting in some last minute play testing and blowing off steam at various retailers around the area. The Pathfinder Society Venture Captain for SC will be in Ashville at Blitzkrieg Games this weekend, Saturday 6pm, to run a special scenario. Come on out! Just because the Swarm isn't out and about doesn't mean you can't still get your game on! Go to one of the fine, fine, most excellent retailers who support SCARAB and get in some gaming over the holidays.
December 14, 2011
Get READY to get your GAME ON!
Where will you be one month from now? If you find yourself sitting around a month from today, with nothing to do, come on out to SCARAB Gaming Convention. The registration special ends this weekend on the 18th.  
December 5, 2011
Special Ends Soon! 
If you haven't registered yet don't miss out on this last great special of the year. Register now by clicking the link above for a discounted registration good for all four days of the convention.  
December 4, 2011
One Event Left  
The last SCARAB event of 2011 is upon us. The SCARAB Swarm will be at Firefly games on December 10th all day for a huge end of the year, Christmas blow-out event. Come on out and play some games with us! 
November 18, 2011
Barnes and Noble, Heroes and Dragons, Planet Comics, Borderlands, more Barnes and Noble and Heroes and Dragons and finally a huge all day Firefly event!
We are wrapping up our year with a huge gaming blowout with events at all these great locations over the next 4 weekends. We will have no events in the month leading up to SCARAB Gaming Convention.  
November 16, 2011
Less than two months away! 
SCARAB is less than two months away are we are running our final registration special of the year. Go HERE to register for $40 and take advantage of this great discounted rate. Look for us at several retailers near you in the next few weeks. Barnes and Noble, Borderlands, Firefly, Heroes and Dragons and Planet Comics!
November 10, 2011
MACE and the 11th Company Warhammer Tournament 
Two great events going on this weekend where you can find SCARAB at: MACE a gaming convention in High Point where we are running bunches of games and the 11th Company Warhammer 40K Tournament in Myrtle Beach, SC. Come on out and have some fun with us!
November 3, 2011
Pathfinder Society Blow Out! 
We have over 100 tables of Pathfinder Society and more to come. We have the Eyes of the Ten retirement scenarios, the Midnight Mauler and Blood Under Absalom.   
October 28, 2011
Two Months To Go! 
SCARAB wishes everone a safe and happy Halloween. Remember there are a little over two months until SCARAB Gaming Convention. MACE is coming up, which will be our last registration special of the year. So if you haven't registered yet, it will be your last chance to get a discounted registration for the convention.
October 27, 2011
Huge Thanks to the Sponsors 
Thanks to all of our great sponsors. We are constantly looking for more great companies to get involved with bringing gaming into the South Carolina area. If you know a company that you think would make a great sponsor or if you are a company that is interested in getting your gaming products in front of thousands of gamers, just drop us a line and we will be happy to work with you on a package that will meet your needs.
October 22, 2011
SCARAB Pathfinder Society Venture Captain Announcement
Congratulations to Del Collins! The Paizo Venture Captain representative for Paizo in SC, GA (Savannah to Augusta) and NC (Ashville to Charlotte).
October 3, 2011
Not to early to get your game submissions in.     
We take game submissions for SCARAB all year long. It is never too early to submit your game for the open gaming schedule for SCARAB. If you are ready to register your game for SCARAB 2012 just click HERE.
September 18, 2011
Games, Games and more Games! 
We have a ton of games days on the schedule. If there is something you are Jonesing to play drop us a line here or here. If you have been to these before you know we bring as many of our awesome sponsors fantastic games as we can. The Eternal Member Pre-registration special ended last week. If you missed it - there will be one last registration special the week after MACE and that will be it for the year! 
September 6, 2011
Fall scedule is filling fast! 
The summer is officially over! SCARAB's fall schedule is filling up fast, if you are a retailer or convention and you need some gaming goodness. Contact us and we will do our best to work with you on getting to your event, but the calendar is filling up fast. Eternal Members, this is your last week to register for SCARAB for just $25 - Don't miss this opportunity! 
September 1, 2011
Final Summer Blast
For all those traveling to DragonCon this weekend, we wish you a safe and happy journey. SCARAB staff and volunteers will be in Ashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, Anderson, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Atlanta, Augusta and Savannah this weekend. Eternal Members, this is your last week to register for SCARAB for just $25!
August 28, 2011
Thanks to our sponsors.  
We are humbled and thankful to welcome aboard and welcome back sponsors to SCARAB for the coming year. We look forward to bringing your products to the events we participate in throughout the year as well as to the SCARAB Gaming Convention. For those retail sponsors we look forward to participating in your events this year and hope to bring that special SCARAB touch to your event that makes it extra successful.
July 31, 2011
GenCon is here.
For everyone travelling this week and attending GenCon, we wish you a safe and happy trip with many returns. Come visit with SCARAB in our sponsor's exhibit, May Fair Games booth #519 or come see the Queen of Geeks pageant and show, we sold out of contestants spots but have plenty of seating left in the audience.
July 18, 2011
Get your BLING on! 
Have you seen all the cool SCARAB shirts that the Swarm members wear? Have you been wanting to get some of that great steam-punky looking jewelry for yourself? Check out all of our cool stuff and get your BLING on over at our Merchandise page. 
July 12, 2011
Gencon, countdown has begun.
ORIGINS was a greaat event, as usual. Looking forward GENCON. Is there a convention or retailer near you that you would like to see the SCARAB Swarm at? Drop us a line on out Contact page and let us know about it.  
June 22, 2011
ORIGINS, GENCON & DragonCon! Oh, my!
For all those traveling this summer, we hope you have safe journeys and we look forward to making lots of new friends over the next few months and having tons of fun! Look for us at an event near you this summer.
June 13, 2011
Free RPG Day 
We will be at Heroes and Dragons in Columbia, SC; Borderlands in Greenville, SC; Planet Comics in Anderson, SC; and Game Theory in Raleigh, NC. Where will you be? Come on out and get your game on and let's have some fun! 
June 6, 2011
Summer is officially here! 
ConCarolinas and HeroesCon were great ways to kick off the summer. It's going to  be a hot one and we hope to see you at Free RPG Day in a couple of weeks. Come on out and have some fun! We have a registration special this week which is our second lowest of the year. Registration Special #2 (four days of fun) and your Eternal Membership for one low price of $35 is now over! We will run one last registration special in the Fall.
May 26, 2011
Borderlands Super Free RPG Day Deal 
SCARAB will be at several stores on June 18th for free RPG day. Borderlands Comics and Games in Greenville, SC is running a great special for those who want to come play some games with SCARAB. If you come play in a demo game you will receive a $5 certificate for the store for that day. You can see their website for more information. Get paid to play games, get tons of cool, free RPG stuff, see the list here. Awesome!
May 12, 2011
Barnes and Noble, ConCarolinas, Origins and tons of summer fun! 
The summer is fast approaching and there are tons of great events coming up all across the country. Look for the SCARAB Swarm at an event near you, or contact us and let us know about your event and we will try our best to attend and bring the SCARAB Swarm for some great gaming fun!
May 6, 2011
More Free Comics Day Goodness! 
Come by Heroes and Dragons for Free Comic Book day to pick up something new to read.  SCARAB will also be there with several boardgames to enjoy.  As an extra bonus everything in the store is 20% off and back issues and collectibles are 50% off.  Free comics, saving money, and playing games! Come on out and have some fun! This event is all day and SCARAB will be there from 10am till they kick us out.
May 2, 2011
Free Comics Day 
Come visit your local gaming and comic hobby stores this weekend for free comics. If you can make it to Planet Comics in Anderson, SC you will have the chance to get to play some games and have some fun with SCARAB! This event is all day but SCARAB will be there from 3pm till they kick us out. Then go with us to Skin Thrashers for some hot dogs!
April 26, 2011
Non-Con, Planet Comics and Barnes and Noble
Come on out and see us in the month of May at these great events. Play some games and have some fun. The new SCARAB 2012 dice will be in soon, be the first of your friends to get a set. Also, we will have our merchandise page up soon so you can order tee-shirts, jewelry and a custom SCARAB Lanyard. Keep checking the website.
April 5, 2011 
Next Barnes and Noble dates announced
Pro+-Con+- was great and now we are looking forward to bringing more gaming to Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble offers us a huge opportunity to bring the games we love to people who would not normally ever get a chance to play them. These are great events, come on out, play some games and have some fun! 
March 29, 2011
Pro+-Con+- and Non-Con and more Barnes and Noble fun!
The month of April will find us at more one-day unconventional conventions in Charleston as well as back at Barnes and Noble. Remember there are events at your local gaming store as well, Here Be Books, Heroes and Dragons, Augusta Book Exchange, Planet Comics, Green Dragon, Beanz and Beadz, Above Board Games, Blitzkrieg, Hillside Games and many, many more!
March 16, 2011
YMCA Charity Event, NashiCon and Barnes and Noble 
This will be another busy weekend for SCARAB with a Friday event at the YMCA of Lexington, 100% of the proceeds go to Scholarships for Summer Camp. That event is from 5pm-8pm and costs $20, which gets your entire family into the event, hotdogs, drinks, smores and all the fun you can handle for 3 hours. Then Saturday and Sunday you can find us at NashiCon in Columbia, SC and look for us next weekend at Barnes and Noble in Forest Acres.
March 7, 2011
StellarCon, ArnoldCon and Here Be Books
StellarCon was a great event. ArnoldCon was a blast and Here Be Books was great as always. We are absolutely looking forward to many more of these events in the years to come. While at Here Be Books, we got the news on Pro-Con and another invitational only convention in Charleston. More news to come as we get it.
Feb 22, 2011
Three states three events! 
You can next find SCARAB at Here Be Books in Charleston, SC, StellarCon in Highpoint, NC and at ArnoldCon in Unknown, FL which is an invitation only event held at an undisclosed location. When? The weekend of March 4-6, 2011.
Feb 8, 2011
SCARAB board games at... 
SCARAB will be running board games for the 25th anniversary of RoundCon. We will be there Feb 18-20, 2011.  
Jan 23, 2011
SCARAB next to appear at... 
We will be at Barnes and Noble in the Richland Fashion Mall Feb 4th at 6pm and at Here Be Books in Charleston Feb 5th. Come on out and see us for some great gaming.
Jan 18, 2011
Our work is never done! More conventions, more fun! 
Look for SCARAB to be at Siege of Augusta in Augusta, GA and Non-Con in Charleston, SC this weekend. We will be bringing our awesome sponsors' games to these wonderful venues. Our schedule is  filling up fast, if you want SCARAB at your event send us a request and we'll see what we can do. We will be at Barnes and Noble in the Richland Fashion Mall,  3400 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29204 on February 4th 2011. For more information click HERE.
Jan 17, 2011
SCARAB #1 has come and gone and now get ready for #2.  
SCARAB #2 will be at the Columbia, Scotish Rite Convention Center, Martin Luther King weekend 2012, using the same great Days Inn and Suites for rooms. It will be a four day convention, beginning Friday, Jan 13th, ending, Monday Jan 16th, 2012. All the information will be getting posted to the SCARAB website, forums and facebook pages. Onilne registration will open soon, as will the hotel room block. Please give SCARAB your feedback. SCARAB wants to hear from you - what worked, will be left alone, what didn't will be improved or gotten rid of all together. Go to the forums and facebook and let us hear from you.
January 14 - 16, 2011
Out to Convention 
January 12, 2011
Aspiring artists and writers wanted 
Joel Kinstle of PEG will be available to talk about author submissions to Pinnacle Entertainment Group (who produce the core line for Savage Worlds) and will view artist portfolios.
January 11, 2011   
Doors Open 2pm Friday - Close 6pm Sunday
Cantina Friday 3pm-11pm, Saturday 9am-Midnight, Sunday 9am-4pm
Swap Meet Sunday 4pm-6pm
January 7, 2011
Chat with SCARAB 
Saturday, January 8 from 1-3pm EST. Want to ask SCARAB a question about the Con? Become our friends on Facebook (Keyword: SCARAB Gaming Convention) and send us a private message. We will post questions and answers as our status during this time. We will also monitor the SCARAB forums during that time as well. Why are we doing this, communication, we want you to know as much about this event as you can. Also, because we will be sitting around stuffing money (in the form of cool merchandise) into concierge bags for two days and it will give us a break from the monotony.
January 3, 2011
Magic the Gathering, DCI sanctioned, draft event added to SCARAB #1
The drafts are going to be run by our merchant Game Theory from Raleigh, NC. They will run as many drafts as they can fill as quickly as they can fill them. The drafts will be standard, Swiss Elimination, with a 1.5 prize fund ratio. Cost for the draft will be $15 per person, per draft. This cost is above and beyond the SCARAB convention costs for a 1 day or weekend badge.
December 30, 2010
Open role-playing games information.
If you are coming to SCARAB #1 to experience the great role-playing events you will find the information you seek on the FORUMS under Event Info: Roleplaying Games. We are posting submissions as fast as we can and will update them with schedule information as we confirm with the game master for each event. Come on out and have some fun!
December 23, 2010
Registration News.    
Current preregistrations are well past our goal number. If you have an outstanding registration invoice, it will expire January 8th 2011 at 5pm. We are possibly going to close preregistration completely on the 8th. If that does occur we will give as much notification as possible, but that would mean that a 3 day badge would go to $50.  
December 18, 2010
The good news just keeps coming! Time Streams is back on! 
Huge thanks to Bucephalus CEO Dan TIbbles for coming through with the product for tournament and prize support.  The Time Streams tournament is back on and will be a great event. We are very humbled and thankful for all the awesome support. We are very happy to be bringing this company's great games to SCARAB #1 and throughout the year as we travel to other events.
December 16, 2010
Pathfinder Society coming to SCARAB big time! 
Do you like the Pathfinder Society? We love it! Thanks to our great sponsor Paizo Publishing we will be bringing all of season two (2) Pathfinder Society Scenarios to SCARAB Gaming Convention #1. We are hoping to work closely with Paizo to stay up to date on the future scenarios as they become available and that way, we will be able to bring these great adventures to you as we travel throughout the convention circuit this coming year. Again we are humbled and hopeful that this is the beginning of a beautiful and lasting friendship.
December 14, 2010
The good news just keeps on coming! 
Thanks to Catalyst's new Convention Manager, Catalyst is back on board with SCARAB #1. We have prize support coming and are happy to announce the return of Shadowrun as a major tournament event. Way to go Catalyst we look forward to bringing your great games to many future events!
December 13, 2010
New tournament announcement. Yikerz! 
We have some great news. We are adding a tournament to the roster of already amazing events we have to offer. Yikerz! is being added as a  tournament for SCARAB Gaming Convention #1. This tournament is not only a part of the larger Boardgame Tournament but is also a very good match for kids. This is a game for all ages, where the kids have just as good a chance to win as an adult. This competition should be exciting!
December 11, 2010
Good news, bads news.
Bad news first. Both Bucephalus and Catalyst have failed to deliver on promised support for their events and therefore the Time Streams tournament will be canceled completely and the Shadowrun tournament will have to be downgraded to minor tournament status. Good news; Shadowrun and Battletech have been saved from being dropped completely by our super awesome sponsors, Noble Knight Games and Heavy Metal Pro Software. We hope to continue our relationship with both Bucephalus and Catalyst and hope they can provide support to us for the 2012 convention.  
December 10. 2010
Warhammer tournament awesomness! 
What’s better than a Warhammer 40K tournament with over $200 in prizes? Two Warhammer 40K tournaments and a Warhammer Fantasy tournament to boot, with over $300 in total prizes!  A second 40K tournament has been added on Friday to allow 40K players a chance to practice for the Saturday main tournament. Warhammer Fantasy wasn’t feeling any love so we’ve added a tournament on Saturday that we’re calling our Midnight Fantasy tournament.  Check out our website for complete details.  And who knows?  Something special might still be in the works for Sunday… 
December 9, 2010
Dealer's room open to the public. 
Just want to remind everyone that the SCARAB dealer's room (a.k.a. The Market Bazaar) will be at the hotel, next door to the convention and will be completely open to the public. No badge is necessary to take advantage of our dealers great shopping opportunities. If you don't have the time to come and enjoy the convention, you can still come out for a few minutes or hours to peruse the merchants' shops of the SCARAB Market Bazaar. Come on out and see what they have to offer.  
November 27, 2010
Advertising and sponsorship news.

We are so thankful to our sponsors and advertisers for the first annual SCARAB Gaming Convention #1 January 14-16, 2011. We are now taking on sponsors and advertisers for SCARAB Gaming Convention #2, which will be at the Scottish Rite Convention Center January 13-16, 2012. SCARAB #2 will be a four day convention.

November 19, 2010
Thanks to you, we are giving one more week. 
Because the response from players and companies has been so great we are incredibly humbled and grateful. We are extending the registration special and the sponsorship/advertising deadlines by one more week. We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving!  This special will end at Midnight on Black Friday.
November 14, 2010
Mace was a great event and we at SCARAB hope that the relationship between Justus Productions and us is a long and fruitful one for both organizations. Huge thanks to the staff and volunteers of MACE, they really do a great job.  
November 8, 2010
Hotel Block Filling Up!
Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the AWESOME guaranteed rates we had arranged with the hotel, because they filled up and have now closed, and now only the $59 room block is available. You'll have to call and make your reservations and tell them you want the SCARAB rate. With prices for everything on the rise we are super happy to remind everyone that we locked in the $59 rate for the first three years of the convention.  Don't we look smart!
October 24, 2010
Last Registration Special of the Year! 
In honor of XCON and MACE we are running our final discounted registration. This offer ends November 19th, 2010. This is the last convention special of the year! This is your last chance to get a discounted preregistration and an Eternal Membership before the convention. The Eternal Member Rate will never again be offered for as little as this inaugural year's offering.
October 24, 2010
XCON is done - Gearing up for MACE 
XCON was a fun event, we made lots of new friends and had a really good time. The dealers room artists and vendors of XCON were probably the best we've seen in the South East outside of DragonCon. Sarah Douglas was very cool and funny. The evening/after hours festivities were a lot of fun as well. XCON is a differerent kind of convention and SCARAB is proud to support their future gaming needs. Look for SCARAB next at MACE in November, we'll be bringing our sponsors great games to this event Nov 12-14 in High Point, NC.
October 21, 2010
More Tournament Information - Excited about XCON World.
Ghoulash and Board Game Tournament information posted. Check it out here. Are you going to be at XCON World? Come see us and play some games. You can find our games list in the forums. Come on out to the beach and have some fun.
October 20, 2010
Tournament Information Posted - Artwork/Writing Submission Open
Battletech and Dungeon Twister official tournament information posted. Check it out here. Are you an aspiring artist or writer, we want to help you get noticed. We will published your material in our convention book. Find out more information here.
October 19, 2010
Did you book your hotel room? 
Did you book your room at the hotel? No?! Well the guaranteed rate has finally increased to $50.15 from the low, low rate of $47.20. If you missed out on the super low deal that ran for the past 6 months, don't miss this new opportunity to guarantee your room at this great rate. The $59 rate for a phone reservation still is in effect for this event, so if you don't want to guarantee your room you can still get a great rate.
October 10, 2010
XCON World Games Listed    
You can find a partial listing of games for XCON world published in our forums. Along with the great RPGs you will find at this event we are running boardgames all weekend and you can find a listing of the boardgames at Boardgame Geek. We are also running demonstrations of LARP Combat, Costuming and Make-up from the SOLAR: Shadowmoor LARP of King's Mountain, NC.
October 3, 2010
SCARAB theme songs and other news.
SCARAB Gaming Convention now has official theme music thanks to our wonderful sponsor Midnight Syndicate. From their most excellent album The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates the songs "Forging the Scarab" and "Inside the Scarab" are our official tunes. In other news, we should have our schedule posted for XCON World this coming weekend. Keep checking back to get the schedule of all the games we are bringing to this great event.
September 20, 2010
If you think this is a lot of games come to SCARAB and get the full experience!
The list of games we are bringing to XCON World is extensive. Here is a sneak peek:

Savage Worlds, Deadlands, Necessary Evil, Shadowrun, D20 Modern, Star Wars, D&D 4.0, D&D 3.5, Indie Press: (Fiasco, Kagematsu, Geiger Counter, Maid: The RPG, Little Fears, Dogs in the Vineyard, Unending River, Ingenuous, Misspent Youth), Pathfinder, Swashbucklers of the Seven Skies, Dresden Files, Truth and Justice, AD&D 2.0, Call of Cthulhu, Are You a Werewolf and Zorcerer of Zo. We will be running LARP Combat demos, LARP Costume Making demos and LARP Make-up demos. Boardgames, boardgames and more boardgames! We have a full schedule of games and will be running almost 400 hours of game sessions. 

September 10, 2010 
Tune in tomorrow to That Computer Show Podcast to hear the Shadow Run Coordinator talking about SCARAB Gaming Convention from 1pm to 2pm EST. If you miss the show you can download it from the same location. Should be a great event.
September 9, 2010
Major Tournament Announcement - Dungeon Twister
We have said it before and we'll say it again. Thank you sponsors, your support is incredible! Dungeon Twister is now a major tournament and the competition is going to be fierce. We have been contacted from players from France and the UK as well as all over the US on this one. If you are flying in, make contacts on the Forums and let us know and we will try to arrange pick up and drop off to/from the airport for you.
August 28, 2010
Now Taking - Game Requests for XCON World  
Gamers, if there is something you want to see a demo of or just get in some playing of at XCON World, get your requests to us by email through facebook or via our forums. All of our demo teams will be at XCON. We expect to have the capacity to entertain over 100 gamers per session and will be running all four available sessions. Hope to see you there. Keep checking back here for the final list of games and the times they will run.
August 19, 2010
Dungeon Twister Tournament  
SCARAB is proud to announce another awesome tournament being added to our great tournament roster. Dungeon Twister, brought to you by the International Dungeon Twister League.  
August, 14, 2010
GenCon Report   
After entertaining over 100 people, winning a slew of events and picking up brand new sponsors for SCARAB we are back in town long enough to get ready for DragonCon. We are also very busy gearing up for XCon World in Myrtle Beach, SC which should be a great event, hopefully made even better by SCARAB's presence. We have so much great news it is hard to tell where to start. The first hundred people at the door will receive concierge bags well over the $40 paid in registration, thanks to all of our awesome sponsors, the next two hundred are getting up there as well. Keep checking back for more good news.
July 29, 2010
XCON World and SCARAB 
It is with great pride that SCARAB announces that we are going to be teaming up with the fantastic people at XCON World to host the open gaming at the Third Annual XCON World Sci-Fi  and Comic Book Convention. We are very happy to bring our sponsors great games to this wonderful convention in Myrtle Beach. For more information on XCON World check out their website and for more information on the games SCARAB is running at XCON World keep an eye on their website, and the SCARAB Forums and Facebook (Key Words: SCARAB Gaming Convention) sites.
July 24, 2010
Lexington County Library Games Day 
We have to make a huge shout out to the Lexington County Library for hosting this second Games Day event. It really is super cool to see all the families turn out for this great event. Today we got to meet over thirty next generation gamers (in elementary and middle school) and their parents. Way to go Lexington County Library!
July 11, 2010
Gearing up for GenCon 
GenCon is less than a month away, DragonCon is just over a month away and we are in high gear getting ready for both events. If you make it to GenCon be sure to come see the long running Queen of Geeks Costume Pagent, SCARAB is the official sponsor of this event and we are very excited to see all the fantastic costumes people bring.
June 29, 2010 
Charleston - Special Continues - Play Testing and Publications
We will be at Here Be Books in Charleston this weekend July 3, 2010 come by and see us. With Origins this past week and the July 4th Hoilday coming up we will leave the special discount up until July 11, 2010. As of this time we are only going to run another discounted registration one more time before the end of the year.
We are proud to annouce that in 2011 you will begin to see SCARAB and SCARAB staff members on the play testing  and demo team lists for numerous game companies. We are very excited about our partner alliances  with gaming companies and are thrilled at the response from the gaming community in supporting us and our allied partners.
June 28, 2010
Non-Con and Origins 
Non-Con was another great event and we want to thank Green Dragon for hosting. Origins was a fantastic convention as always. We are now gearing up for GenCon and DragonCon in this busy Convention Season!
June 19, 2010
Happy Free RPG Day! Non-Con Registration Special. 
Happy Free RPG Day to all the gamers out there! Another busy weekend and another registration special. This weekend we are in Toledo, Charleston and Columbia. We have been in Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and of course South Carolina this month.  
June 16, 2010 
Minor Tournaments - Not So Minor
We have added several smaller tournaments to the roster. Some of them are not so minor in their prizes. The "I Drank What?" tournament has over $400 worth of prizes. The Ghoulash tournament and Timestreams tournaments are going to be great as well, both with fantastic prizes. We are looking for more sponsors of these tournaments and more swag sponsors for the concierge bags. Our goal is for the first one hundred people to show up at registration to have so much swag in their bags that it pays for their convention registration, and as of right now we are at $36 retail in those first one hundred bags. Have you ever been to a gaming convention that the swag in the Reg Bag was equal to or worth more that the registration itself? Neither have we, so we are going to try to be the first one to offer this level of STUFF to our guests. Keep up to date with us on facebook and in the forums.
June 15, 2010
Tournament News: Sad and Good 
Because of luke warm support for the Iron Kingdoms tournament we are having to remove it from the major tournament list and downgrade it to a minor tournament. This means it will still be played and will still have a prize, just not as much as we had hoped it would have. The good news is that we are replacing it with a game that we have been garnering much more support for: Paizo's Pathfinder. Keep checking the Tournaments Page for more details about tournaments, as we have added several more minor tournaments.
June 13, 2010
Summer Event Bookings
Retailers don't forget to book us for your upcoming summer events. Gaming companies don't miss this opportunity to get us your products for demo at the many events we already have booked to attend. You can contact us at public at s-c-a-r-a-b dot com to set up your requests.
June 6, 2010
$30 Special Registration
ConCarolinas was lots of fun we had a great time running games and meeting some fantasitc people and of course we left with some great stories. Many thanks to Ron McClung and all of his hardworking staff for making this a great event. Don't miss it next year.
May 28, 2010
Discounted Registration
We will be running a huge special the week of ConCarolina. Registration will be $30 that week online. This is a standalone special and does NOT qualify for any other specials or group discounts and does NOT qualify for the eternal membership. Game Masters MAY still earn up to $5 back for each approved game they run at the Con. Keep an eye on the site for the week of June 6th through the 12th for this awesome deal. 
May 16, 2010
Augusta Book Exchange 40K and The Omniverse MTG
Had a great time at the Augusta Book Exchange 40K Tournament and at The Omniverse MTG Tournament. There was a great turnout at both events.
May 12, 2010
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Hotel - Online Advanced Booking - Major Discount 
Guaranteeing your room has a huge benefit. If you guarantee the hotel room online at Magnuson Hotels website, for the next few months, you can get your room for $47.20 per night for a single king or two double beds or $52 a night for a single king or two double bed suite. Conditions are you have to guarantee payment for the room and there is no refund. This makes the price of the room for the entire weekend less than the price of one night at just about all of the other cons in the whole of the southeast. You are not actually charged for the room until you check out of it or, if you miss the con, the day you were supposed to check out of the room. You may change your payment option at the time you check out, if you guaranteed with credit card, you can pay in cash or a different credit card, split it up, etc. Check the FORUMS for more information. If you're planning on coming to SCARAB, you're crazy if you miss this opportunity!
April 28, 2010
Hotel News 
The Days Inn is now owned by Magnuson Hotels and has been renamed to Plaza Inn and Suites. Now for the great part of this news - they have lowered our rate from $65 a night to $59 a night. If you have already made reservations there is nothing for you to do, your rate will automatically be adjusted, we have confirmed this with the hotel. This great rate is being offered from Thursday to Monday for all SCARAB attendees in the event you would like to arrive a day early or depart a day late to see some of the sites Columbia has to offer. The wonderful staff at Plaza will be happy to direct you towards the many attractions of this area and so will we. If you need to know what is available to do in the area, check the forums.
Apr 26, 2010
We had a blast at TurboCon, everyone had a really good time. We are so excited to support these types of events, please contact us if you need help with a gaming event. If our fantastic staff is available we will do everything we can to help you put on a great event. Based on all the great feedback we are getting, we are working on a Gamer Widows' Track. If you have an event, such as, Making Chainmail, Wire Jewelry Making, Learning Henna Tattooing, Cross-Stitching or Asian Ball Joint Dolls, that you would like to hold for the widows of gamers or widowers of gamers then by all means submit that event through the open gaming page.
Apr 14, 2010
Advertising Space in the Convention Book.  
The level of excitement revolving around our convention book has been astounding. We have sold out on the Inside covers and the back cover and are taking on advertisers on the inside as fast as we can. If you have submitted a request for ad space, please be patient as we are answering the requests as fast as we can and will get to all of them. If you are an aspiring writer, poet, artist or just someone with a great gaming story and are interested in getting your work published in the convention book, we will have the rules and forms up soon.
Apr 11, 2010
Classic BattleTech tournament added.  
We have picked up an incredible sponsor for a Classic BattleTech Tournament. This is going to be a great event and we are very proud to be able to add this awesome game to our list of tournaments. Keep checking back for more details on all of our tournaments. We are taking open gaming submissions and are working through those already submitted and hope to have a list of approved events and the kids track list very soon.
Apr 8, 2010
Easter & Spring Break Update. 
Blitzkrieg Games Monsterpocalypse and Hillside Games Pokemon.
Happy Easter.  The staff scattered to the four winds of the southeast this past week and just want to say thanks to everyone they met, for all the support and enthusiasm. Your energy and excitement is the reason we are doing this. We have decided that the writing submission for the convention book will also include funny gaming stories. Had a bunch of fun watching Monsterpocalypse at Blitzkrieg Games in Ashville and the kids loved the Pokemon at Hillside Games in Ashville. Both stores had awesome discounts on gaming supplies.
Mar 23, 2010
Convention Bookings 
Look for us at ConCarolinas, GenCon, DragonCon, MACE and a ton of other conventions. Need help with your convention, contact us on Facebook or the Forum and let us know how we can help? 
Mar 20, 2010
Heroes and Dragons 40K Tournament, Columbia, SC. 
Had a great time at the Heroes and Dragons 40K Tournament. It was awesome to see such a great turnout and such a great variation of armies. How can we at SCARAB support your event? Find us on Facebook or the Forum and let us know what we can do to help your retail location host a gaming event.  
Mar 13, 2010 
Green Dragon NonCon, Charleston, SC. 
Tons of fun at Green Dragon in Charleston. Lots of good people having lots of fun with board gaming, role-playing games and miniatures. 
Mar 1, 2010
Looking for writers and artists. 
We want to make our Convention booklet different from the rest. We'll have all the standard stuff of course, but not only are we looking for advertisers; we are looking to publish short stories, poems and artwork from the community at no cost to the artists. This is your chance to get your work published and circulated to hundreds of people and companies in the gaming world. Keep checking back for more details. 
Feb 21, 2010
SCARAB now on Facebook.  
Check out our fan page on Facebook. Keep up to date with what is going on with the convention planning and chat with our hardworking staff. 
Feb 11, 2010
The Second and Third annual conventions have dates and venues. 
We are pleased to announce that we have booked the Scottish Rite Convention Center in Columbia, SC to host the second and third SCARAB events on Martin Luther King weekends of January 2012 and 2013. Each of these events will be 4 day events. Continue to check back on this website for more information.  
Feb 1, 2010
The first annual convention has a date and a venue. 
We are pleased to announce that we have booked the Scottish Rite Convention Center in Columbia, SC to host the very first SCARAB event on the weekend of January 14th through the 16th of 2011. This first event will be a three day event, but we hope in the future to make this a four day event. 
$89.00 King
$99.00 Double
$109.00 Suite

SCARAB is interested in protecting your privacy.  SCARAB does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information (including email addresses)  to third parties.  Upon request, SCARAB does provide non-identifying demographic information to our sponsors or other interested third parties to assist in their marketing efforts.  We will not be the reason why you get spam email for Canadian drugs or natural male enhancements.