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October 14-16, 2016
100% of the proceeds go to our charity the YMCA*
What you get:
  • 24-Hour Gaming
    • LARP
    • Role-playing Games
      • Pathfinder Society
    • Board Games
    • Mini Games
  • Fun Camp Activities:
    • Archery
    • Fishing
    • Swimming
    • Horseback Riding
    • Boating
    • Outdoor Games
    • Hiking
    • Evening Bonfire
  • Meals Provided
    • Dinner Friday
    • Breakfast Saturday
    • Lunch Saturday
    • Dinner Saturday
    • Breakfast Sunday
    • Drinks
    • Snacks
  • Sleeping Arrangements
    • Bunk House
    • Tent
What to bring:
  • Bed Linens & Pillow or Sleeping Bag
  • Towels
  • Water Bottle
  • Comfortable Clothing
  • Tent for those camping out
  • You are welcome to bring your own tackle or archery equipment but it will be provided if you don't
  • Comfortable Footwear. 
Take a weekend for yourself! Come camping with the SCARAB Swarm! 
In addition to lots of gaming all weekend long we will have full access to a great YMCA facility in Lexington, SC. Meals provided.
Where is SCORPION held?
YMCA of Lexington, SC
401 YMCA Rd
Lexington, SC 29073

Stay in one of the bunk houses or pitch a tent and enjoy the outdoors. 
The bunk houses have their own full bathrooms and showers. You will need to bring linens and/or sleeping bags for the bed, towels and your own toiletries for the shower.
Tent campers will have full access to showers and bathrooms as well. 
If you forget something, there are several grocery stores nearby. 
Seating is limited to 100 people total. Space in the bunk house is limited to the first 70 people and then the remaining 30 people will have to either tent camp or make other accommodations with one of the nearby hotels or perhaps stay with friends or family in the area.
* There are some CC processing fees of around 3% that cannot be helped. But the bottom line is SCARAB keeps nothing. Everything goes to the YMCA of Lexington - a great organization!
There are no gaming conventions you can attend and get a bed and five meals for $63 that we could find. In addition to all the great gaming you are accustomed to there are lots of other events to check out during SCORPION as well!

Pony Rides

Ages: Open to all ages

Weight Limit: 200lbs

This is a great activity for birthday parties, corporate events and family reunions. Horses are led around the arena at a walking pace.

Price included.
Weekend Trail Rides

Ages: 8 and up

Weight Limit: 180lbs

The trail ride is a one-hour guided trail at a walking pace throughout our 160 acre property. No experience is needed; our trained staff will match each horse to individual riders. This is a great activity for groups of children and adults to enjoy.
Price: $25 

Archery Demonstrations

Led by local experts from the Sportsman's Warehouse outdoor center. After leading a thorough demonstration of safety procedures and shooting techniques, each student will have the opportunity to try-out archery.

Meals Provided

The YMCA will host five (5) meals for us. You will get:
Friday - Dinner
Saturday - Breakfast
Saturday - Lunch
Saturday - Dinner
Sunday - Breakfast
You may bring your own snacks or food if you wish. 

Other Fun Stuff

Gaming - We will have the board game library with us, along with lots of RPGs, PFS, Miniature demos, and other great gaming offerings you have come to expect from the SCARAB Swarm.
Hiking - Take advantage of the YMCA's beautiful hiking trail to walk through the woods and recharge your outdoor batteries. 
Fishing - Wet a line and try your luck in the beautiful lake. Never been fishing before. We are happy to show you how! Tackle and bait provided and we'll even bait your hook and take the fish off for you if needs be.
Swimming and Boating

Shallow swimming (in up to 3 feet of water) and deep water swimming (in 5-15 feet of water; swim test required) is great for all ages.

Swim tests are conducted by lifeguards and you must pass to swim in the deep water.
Personal floatation devices are available by request.
Canoes and paddle boats are available for use. 
Bonfire - Sit around the bonfire and enjoy the company of other gamers. 
$89.00 King
$99.00 Double
$109.00 Suite

SCARAB is interested in protecting your privacy.  SCARAB does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information (including email addresses)  to third parties.  Upon request, SCARAB does provide non-identifying demographic information to our sponsors or other interested third parties to assist in their marketing efforts.  We will not be the reason why you get spam email for Canadian drugs or natural male enhancements.