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Advertising with SCARAB. 

If you would like to place an advertisement with SCARAB, either in the convention book or on the website please contact us at advert @ (remove the space before and after the @). The booklet will be distributed to attendees of the convention, sponsors, volunteers, retailers and anyone else who requests a copy, up to our full print run. We will also keep a copy for archival purposes and post an electronic copy on the website for easy download. It should have a very excellent circulation.  
You can download advertising information and rates from our Downloads page. 
Alternative Advertising with SCARAB 
  • Concierge Bags - Provide items for the attendees’ concierge bags such as, coupons, bookmarks, business cards, dice, decals, flyers, magnets, pencils, pens and other promotional items.
  • Demo Teams - Send your demo team down to the convention, spend a few hours or days showing off your game or gaming related merchandise.
  • Sponsor an event - We currently have five tournaments, and are always looking for more tournament opportunities as well as merchandise to provide as prizes to the winners.
The Advertisement That Keeps 'em Coming Back! 
Another way to introduce your business to our attendees is through our unique discount program. Con attendees will receive an official S.C.A.R.A.B. badge. We would like businesses to offer an annual discount to any attendee that purchase from your store. Any discount would be appreciated. This could be a 5% or 10% discount, a free die with purchase, or another incentive from your store.
Electronic Merchandise 
You say that you want to advertise with SCARAB but your merchandise is only, or primarily, in electronic format? Yes, SCARAB will absolutely accept electronic merchandise in trade for advertising space.
Over Seas Advertising  
Outside the U.S. and you wish to advertise with SCARAB. Want to pay with merchandise but shipping rates got you down. Not a problem, we may reimburse you for up to 100% of the shipping costs. Contact us for details at advert @ (remove the space before and after the @)
$89.00 King
$99.00 Double
$109.00 Suite

SCARAB is interested in protecting your privacy.  SCARAB does not sell, rent, or otherwise provide personal information (including email addresses)  to third parties.  Upon request, SCARAB does provide non-identifying demographic information to our sponsors or other interested third parties to assist in their marketing efforts.  We will not be the reason why you get spam email for Canadian drugs or natural male enhancements.