SCARAB Gaming Convention

SCARAB Swap and Shop Flea Market

It will run for two hours at the end of the convention. Bring your gaming stuff that you don't want any more and swap it or sell it. The swapping officially begins the last day of the convention, but you don't have to wait. Feel free to swap games amongst other gaming enthusiasts all convention long.

Open to the Public!

You do not have to register for the convention to attend this event.  Persons with a SCARAB badge may buy, sell and/or trade at no additional cost.  Persons without a SCARAB badge must pay $1 to be able to either buy, sell and/or trade. Look around for that hard to find gaming gem you have been searching for, or those missing bits or pieces, or just empty off those dusty shelves.


  1. You may NOT sell anything that is not properly licensed. DVD's, CD's, computer games, etc. If we catch you selling or distributing pirated materials, we'll call the cops ourselves.
  2. Materials are sold or traded as is, as far as SCARAB is concerned. SCARAB will not warranty or guarantee any of the merchandise you swap, sell or trade.
  3. No Weapons of any kind.
  4. Buyer beware. Check it before you buy it to make sure it's all there, or that it works, or that it really is in mint condition, etc.


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