SCARAB Gaming Convention

What about spontaneous pick-up games?
If you go into the dealers room and buy a cool board game or a brand new module and are interested in running a spontaneous pick-up game, stop by the registration desk and fill out the proper paperwork and we may approve you on the spot to qualify for the rebate. We will evaluate these on a case by case basis.

Is there a limit to the number of events you can run?
No. But we are going to carefully look through all of the submissions and select those we feel are going to be fun and entertaining for the participants.

Is there a limit to the adult content that I may run?
No, however, we do have a ratings system and you will need to carefully consider where your event falls within that system. We will review your submission and help you determine the age appropriate category for the game. If your game is designed for a mature audience then we will likely schedule it for the last time slot available in the evening.

Are you only accepting roleplaying submissions for open gaming events?
Absolutely not! We are interested in miniature, table top, pen and paper, board, card, roleplaying and live action games of all genres. We are also very interested in new games by indie designers and home grown games. The game you submit should be able to entertain the participants for at least two hours and at most four hours. Any that take more or less than that will be frowned upon, but we will evaluate each submission fairly, on a case by case basis, for the entertainment value of the submission.

How much time should I allow?
If you are planning on running an event with a manufacturers recommended duration of thirty (30) minutes to two (2) hours, we recommend that you plan for thirty (30) minutes on the front end of the game to set up, go over rules and instructions, meeting and greeting players and to go through the event introduction. For games of two hours to longer then you should plan for longer. If you have a table full of experienced players then time required at the front end can be significantly reduced. Therefore it is highly recommended that you qualify the game you submit in the open gaming page as to the experience level of the players you seek to run for. You should recruit the experienced players at your table to help with setup and break down when you are finished. Most are more than happy to help if you will just ask.

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