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The Kids Track

The purpose of the Kids Track at SCARAB is to provide entertainment specifically tailored to gamers ages 8 to 14. The games featured in the Kids Track are designed to appeal to our younger guests, with age appropriate content. They have rules systems that are less focused on math and reading, and more focused on the fun parts: cooperation, friendly competition, creativity, and imagination. At SCARAB, raising the next generation of gamers is important to us, and we want children and families to know that they have a place at our convention.

All Kids Track Games will be rated K for Kids. Please see the Ratings page for more info on the ratings of the games.

As we get commitments from more GM's, we will update this list. If you are interested in running a kids event, submit it here

Searching for GMs

If you are interested in running an event (RPG, board game, card game, or other fun) for the Kids Track at SCARAB, please visit the Open Gaming page and fill out the application. Please mention the Kids Track in your game description. Also, please read the Ratings System before submitting your game to be sure that it meets the restrictions for appropriate content for games rated K for Kids. If the SCARAB staff does not feel that your game is age appropriate we may ask you to run it in the regular Open Gaming Track instead.

Rules about kids

Please be aware that while the SCARAB staff is happy to entertain children of all ages at our convention, we cannot be responsible for them. The Kids Track is not a babysitting service for busy gamer parents, nor is it a substitute for appropriate adult supervision. Also, the goal of every Kids Track game is to provide a fun experience to our younger guests, and if a child's behavior is preventing the others in his/her game from having fun, the SCARAB staff will ask his/her parents to remove their disruptive child from the game.

Convention rules

Kids badges

For kids age 12 (twelve) and under we do require that they obtain a badge but, their badges are covered as part of a parent or guardian's badge.

So if mom and dad buy badges then you can get up to two additional kids badges for your children, 12 and under only, at no additional cost to mom and dad. The catch to this rule is that they are NOT able to qualify for one of the first 100 concierge bags. Those bags are reserved for paid badges only. If you want your child to get one of those bags then the only way to get one is to pay for a badge. We have many parents that buy badges for their children because they want that extra concierge bag.

Additional questions and custom family packages!
For more information or if you would like to tailor a custom family package that meets the needs of your budget please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Games in the Kids Track:

The Zorcerer of Zo
Meddling Kids
Monsters and Other Childish Things
No Thank You Evil
My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria
Star Wars (PDQ# Generic System)
Og: The Caveman RPG
Pathfinder Beginner Box
Fate Accelerated
Amazing Tales
Do, Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Board Games, Card Games, Minis, and More!

Also Featuring:

Harry Potter LARP (Live action classes and adventures at Hogwarts) And the Book of the Year RPG (a special game based on a new book every year!)

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