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We have done our very best to find the most accurate comparison of rates that we can do. We call the hotels. We have included taxes and any other fees that we can get that you would HAVE to pay, we do not include extras and options. For example, in 2010 the hotel for Siege of Augusta applied room taxes to the room and then added $1, they couldn't explain why, they just said that's what they did.

It should be noted that many of these conventions have charges and fees that are not included in these prices. Those include tournaments, parking, internet, WiFi, pets, etc. You should ask your hotel to reveal any hidden convenience fees when you call to reserve your room.

Many conventions charge for a pair of their dice, lanyards, bags, tournaments, etc. You should note that we give you all that stuff and more, especially if you are in the first 100 registrations.

Our rate is all inclusive, no hidden fees for parking, WiFi, tournaments etc. Our hotel has several nice amenities included that many other conventions do not offer or charge a convenience or usage fee.

The price you pay for this cheap rate is a short walk between the convention center and hotel. The walk between the hotel and convention center is comfortably short.

We have found that we are more affordable than many 3-day conventions!

Pre-Registration plus Hotel for the duration of the entire event.
Number of Days of Convention
1 Person 2 People 3 People 4 People 3 Day Event 4 Day Event
SCARAB $255 $305 $355 $385   Y
SCARAB Eternal Member Discount $245 $285 $325 $365   Y
PlayOnCon  $450 $480 $510 $540   Y
HurriCon   $425 $450 $475 $500   Y
RavenCon $306 $346 $386 $426 Y  
ConNooga $320 $368 $415 $463 Y  
ChattaCon  $440 $490 $540 $590 Y  
ConCarolinas $294 $331 $367 $404 Y  
MACE $262 $290 $318 $346 Y  
Siege of Augusta  $295 $330 $365 $400 Y  
MegaCon  $530 $640 $750 $860 Y  
LibertyCon  $300 $340 $380 $420 Y  
Illogicon  $300 $335 $370 $405 Y  
GenCon $875 $950 $1025     Y
DragonCon $1050 $1125 $1300 $1425   Y

Don't take our word for it - do your own homework - find an error, let us know! We want the most accurate information on this page that we can get.

So what does this mean to you? It is our opinion that this is the best deal for the money, for pretty much any gaming event, in the Southeast. We have looked all over the country and have not found a better value. If you find a better deal please let us know and we are happy to list it here.

We are not asking you to run half the convention before being rewarded.

We are asking you to consider running one event and in return get a great reward.

But if you don't want to run a game, even a boardgame, if all you want to do is game and have fun, then we believe that we still beat the rates of just about every convention we can find. We believe we deliver a great return on your dollars.

We believe that this breaks the mold of the standard gaming convention. It proves that a gaming convention can be affordable and still profitable, while entertaining hundreds of guests and promoting an industry that we all love.

Also, don't think we aren't supportive of these and other cons, because we are! We have a standing offer to as many cons as we have room for, to come to our con and attempt to register our guests, for their cons. All we ask in return is that they offer the same opportunity to us.

We hope to see you all at SCARAB.

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