SCARAB Gaming Convention

Board Gaming

SCARAB Board Game Library has over 400 board games from a variety of publishers for ages 3 to 99 and ranging in play times from 15 minutes to 4 hours. You can look through our handy Board Game Library book to find a game to play or look at the shelves.

The book contains alphabetized cards that contain the name of the game, a picture of the box, the age suggestion, the number of players, and time of play. If the game has been reviewed on the SwarmCast Podcast Hosted by Jon Maness and Toast there will be a SwarmCast sticker!

In order to check a game out of the SCARAB Board Game Library you simply leave your ID with the attendant, they store it in a secure location and when you return the game you get your ID back.

This year's Play to Win has been revamped!

To get a ticket for the Play to Win prizes all you have to do is play a game from a specified list of games.

The list of games will be available at the Board Game Library Desk, and marked in the SCARAB Board Game Library Book.

For every game you play you earn 1 ticket. Record a review of ANY boardgame or RPG (including Pathfinder or Starfinder) played at SCARAB with the SwarmCast Podcast for an additional ticket per review.

Drawings will held at the following times and winning numbers posted at the SwarmCast PodCast Booth:

Prizes may be claimed between 9am-12am Saturday and Sunday and 9am-3pm Monday at the Prize booth.  After 3pm Monday, all unclaimed winning tickets will be void.

* Specified board games and Staff Pick will be posted at the Board Game Library and Prize Booth

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