SCARAB Gaming Convention

Rating System

As a family-friendly gaming convention, SCARAB will use the following rating system to indicate the age-appropriateness of its games. This will allow GMs the freedom to choose the content of their games, while helping parents to make informed choices about which games are suitable for their children, as well as, to help discerning adult players choose games according to their content preferences. This rating system represents an agreement between the players and the GM to stick to the standards set by the rating, and it is the responsibility of the GM to enforce the rating of the game on his/her players. If a GM chooses a rating for his/her game that he later decides is inappropriate or that he wishes to change; he needs to alert the SCARAB staff immediately at: opengaming @ (remove spaces before and after @). If the SCARAB staff receives complaints from players, or their parents that the rating was not maintained, the GM and/or the person in violation, depending on the situation, may be asked to leave the convention and forfeit registration fees. For serious infractions, the SCARAB staff reserves the right to bar the GM from running games at or even attending future SCARAB events.

K for Kids 8-14 Only
"Kids Track" games will be exclusively for children under 15, no pesky adults allowed, the exception being a parent/guardian of a player in the game. These games will tend to have simple rules sets and require little higher math skills. Nor will they require the necessity to keep up with lots of dice or notes. They will have absolutely NO foul language. Violence is allowed but should be no harsher than what you would find in a children's cartoon. NO killer games or Total Party Kill allowed.

E for Everyone
A game with this rating is appropriate for all ages. Most board games will fall into this category. It contains no violence beyond what might appear in a children's cartoon (mostly slapstick, no killing, no descriptions of blood or gore), no adult themes or content, and the players and GM agree to use no profanity or offensive language while at the gaming table.

T for Teens and Older
A game with this rating may not be appropriate for younger children. It may contain some violence (some blood and killing, but no graphic descriptions) and/or young adult themes such as sexually suggestive situations and crude humor. The GM and players agree to keep profanity to a minimum while at the gaming table.

M for Mature Audiences Only
A game with this rating is likely to contain content that some people may find offensive and that parents may deem inappropriate for children or teenagers. It may contain graphic violence, and sexual content or other significantly adult themes. The players and GM may use as much profanity as they wish while playing (so long as they do not bother people at nearby tables). We will tend to isolate games such as this by location and time slot.

Parents, please look for the family friendly rating on the games you sign your kids up for.

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