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To: Convention Directors, Retailers, and Event Coordinators

From: Director of SCARAB

Re: Sponsors

Many of you have asked or had your staff ask SCARAB about "sponging" our sponsor list. I have only one thing to say about that. GREAT! We love our sponsors, if we didn't, they would not be our sponsors. One of the many goals of SCARAB is to promote and advertise their products through play, demonstrations, and prizes and in the case of our concierge bags, give-a-ways.

Our mission statement is self explanatory and we absolutely stand by it:

To support the roleplaying and boardgaming community and industry by hosting an annual convention that brings gamers together in the spirit of competition and fellowship.

Our sponsors are incredibly good to us, because we work very hard to promote their products; as we travel throughout the United States, to gamers, retailers and conventions. We don't want to keep them secret, although some choose to remain anonymous many do not and we encourage people to buy their products and we encourage retailers to carry and distribute their products and we encourage other conventions to seek their sponsorship and to further promote these great companies, who have been so supportive of SCARAB.

So if you see a company listed here, you should feel free to contact them, we appreciate you telling them you saw them listed on our website and if you meet someone from one of these companies make sure you tell them...

Thank You!

Sponsors, thank you for giving back and thank you for supporting SCARAB.


Del Collins
Director of SCARAB

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