SCARAB Gaming Convention

Eternal Membership has its privileges!


Eternal membership is a lifetime lock on a $40 rate for the convention. You will never pay more than $40 for your convention registration and once you are an eternal member you will never have to renew it. There are going to be a limited number of these available each year and when they run out you will not be able to purchase one until the next year.

If you attended SCARAB #1 and you are not sure if you are an eternal member contact us via the Contact Us page, with your name and badge number and we are happy to confirm your membership.

Eternal Memberships are currently sold out. We do not know when or if we will ever offer them again.

Eternal Members - Eternal Rewards Program

How the program works is simple. You register someone for SCARAB using your Eternal Membership and you get $4 credit to use in the Market Bazaar or the Cantina or towards future SCARAB Gaming Conventions.

Example, John Doe is Jonesing for some gaming goodness and wants to go to SCARAB. He gives you $40 (the price of a badge for an Eternal Member) which saves him $10 off the price of a pre-registration. You register John using the Eternal Member registration page located at the Eternal Members registration page. Make sure you put John Doe's contact information on the registration. You will receive a PayPal receipt that you can provide to John Doe and we will send him an e-mail to confirm his registration as well. We will credit your SCARAB Eternal Member Account $4 for John Doe's registration that you can use at the Market Bazaar or Cantina or towards future registrations for SCARAB Gaming Convention.

Many of you have already taken advantage of this great rewards program. We feel like Eternal Members are the heart and soul of SCARAB and as we can think of more ways to reward you we will implement them.

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